Covering all your needs for getting a release ready single, EP or album. 
Realize your sound.


Creating the foundation and bones for the whole production. 

A successful music production relies on a strong song idea.


Get the band together or sing your lungs out. Get the recording and sound you deserve in a professional studio environment. 


The mixing stage is a big part of the production. This is where the sound is sweetened and balanced to support the intention of the music. There are many decisions being made during the mix to achieve great motion and depth.


Getting all the elements right and ready for tracking and mixing. This is the pre-production stage where the final structure, elements, instrumentation and details are planned out to refine the ideas and potential of the song.


After the tracking there might be a need to edit the performances to correct or sweeten. This may include timing and pitch issues.


Mastering is the final stage where final adjustments is made to ensure the quality of the mix and that it will fit for the intended media. 

It can make a great mix sound even better but can not make up for a track that is badly mixed. 

Mastering will be done to a stereo track, or for better control, it can be done to stems.

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