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Fredrik Aure

Humor Hierarkiet & Planet Octopus

I have been working with Andreas since 2013 when my first band wanted to record some songs. He has grown insanely as a producer since then. Lately my project has been comedy-music, witch means a lot of different genres. Andreas has produced, mixed and mastered rock, indie, rap and electronic disco for my project. He is really flexible in genres, and always makes my songs sound very professional. Andreas will notice when there is something missing in your song, and comes with suggestions of what you can lay in your track to get a fuller sound. He's very open to suggestions when it comes to the sound you want for your song. If you have some feedback on the mix he's very quick to change what you want to make sure that you are happy with the result. He has a great musical talent, so when I have a track I usually say that he can do what he wants in adding instruments. He is also a former drummer which can come in handy if you dont know much about what kind of drums you want.

He is very fun to work with in the studio, and also very professional. If you record your songs yourself and just want a mix, he's always in dialoge with you till the project is done. Making sure that you are on the same page about everything, and that you will end up with a result that you both are proud of.

Jessica Kirkham

Hazel Mei

Working with Andreas is super fun. He is collaborative and open to suggestions throughout the creative process. I really appreciated his enthusiasm for the project.
Whilst working on ‘Time,’ Andreas helped completely transform my demo/ songwriting session into an truely dynamic pop song. I’m so happy about the finished product.
He is also brilliant at keeping me in the loop when we are working apart.
Andreas is thorough, dedicated and a pleasure to work with.

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